Roblox is one  of the most popular games and there’s lately been some controversy with creators having to pay for the memey ‘oof’ death noise. While the plan to make game creators pay for the iconic sound effect has been received with minor negativity thanks to it only being 100 Robux, another topical discussion at the moment is people asking: why did Shinobi Life 2 get deleted? Here you’ll discover why Shinobi Life 2 was deleted from Roblox by finding an explanation of the copyright issue.

Copyright issues with Roblox are nothing new as the iconic ‘oof’ sound effect resulted in a dispute with Tommy Tallarico. The two parties have reportedly settled the dispute, and we all know that Roblox creators will have to pay to use the sound effect in the future.

But, away from the consequences of the above dispute, below you’ll discover why Shinobi Life 2 was recently deleted.

Why was Shinobi Life 2 deleted?

Shinobi Life 2 was deleted and shut down because of a copyright issue with Viz Media.

Roblox deleted and shut down Shinobi Life 2 without any warning given to the developers thanks to the copyright claim.

The developers have explained in a video that – although the main game has been taken down – the data of players still remains.

This is good news in case the game is able to make a return, but the developers have said that they can only wait to see what will happen.

What happened to Shinobi Life 2?

What happened to Shinobi Life 2 is that it was taken down by Roblox because of a copyright claim made by Viz Media.

Per the developers, Shinobi Life 2 was taken down because of the group name NarutoRPG, and Viz Media reportedly own the English Publishing Rights for Naruto.

The developers have said that there is “little to no copyright content” in the game, and they have also said that music has been removed with the game pending permission from Roblox to be republished.

You can hear the explanation for why Shinobi Life 2 was taken down in the above YouTube video.

There the developers talk about why their game was deleted and who Viz Media are, and they also say that they will start development on Shadow’s Realm if Shinobi Life 2 isn’t able to return.

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