Priti Patel is trending due to that “Prittster” comment and now people want to know everything about her from her husband to children.

Here’s the lowdown.

Who is Alex Sawyer?

Alex Sawyer has been Home Secretary’s Priti Patel husband for almost two decades.

He is a marketing consultant for the American financial firm Nasdaq NXL. Nasdaq ranked the second most successful in stock exchanges, just behind NYSE, New York Stock Exchange.

However, Patel’s husband is seemingly a workaholic, as he has undertaken more jobs than just being a marketing consultant in one of the world’s leading stock exchange firms.

When Priti Patel was International Development Secretary, her office was run by husband Alex Sawyer from February 2014 until June 2017.

That seems to have lasted until it became known that Patel was using her staffing allowance to pay her husband up to £25,000 for his part-time job. After the elections of 2017, it became mandatory for staff members to not be “related” to politicians in any way.

Meanwhile, Alex Sawyer was also involved in politics, as he was a Conservative councillor in Bexley, South East London, a job that he still holds.

Do Alex Sawyer and Priti Patel have children?

Alex Sawyer and Priti Patel met while working in PR and got married in 2004. While Patel is 48 years old, Sawyer’s age is unknown.

The pair welcomed their first and only child in 2008. His name is Freddie, and he is now 12 years old.

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