James Charles and Trisha Paytas are feuding after Charli D’Amelio was ‘cancelled’, and now James has exposed Trisha for black facing. Here’s all the drama explained.

What started as Charli and Dixie D’Amelio getting ‘cancelled’ by the internet has now erupted into so much more than that. James Charles tried to defend Charli from all the hate she’s been getting, but he got Trisha Paytas involved, and now shots are being fired.

Here are all the details.

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James Charles defends Charli D’Amelio after she’s ‘cancelled’

Over the past few days, Charli D’Amelio has been ‘cancelled’ by the internet and lost between 500,000 and 1 million followers.

It all started when TikTok sisters Charli and Dixie posted a video on Monday (November 16th) to their new D’Amelio Family YouTube channel. It was titled “our first dinner guest” and featured the D’Amelio family sitting and having dinner with mystery special guest and fellow YouTuber James Charles. 

A chef had cooked them a Spanish paella to eat whilst they were chatting. However, Charli and Dixie have been called out by internet users for being ‘rude’ and ‘ungrateful’ for the food that the chef cooked for them.

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On top of that, Charli is also being ‘cancelled’ for ‘complaining’ about her TikTok followers. She said: “I wish I had more time. Imagine if I hit 100 million a year after hitting 1 million.”

Internet users started sending Charli lots of hate, and James Charles defended her in a tweet. He said:

“This charli situation is NOT sitting right with me… 100M followers in one year & y’all expect her to know how to be a perfect role model? death threats because she’s a picky eater & made a joke about a milestone? 30+ year olds dragging someone half their age? feels familiar.”

In the tweet, James Charles indirectly mentioned his former drama with YouTuber Trisha Paytas.

Trisha Paytas reacts to James Charles’ tweet on TikTok

Trisha Paytas then took to TikTok to react to James Charles’ tweet, and she claimed that he made it all about himself.

She said:

“How is it that James Charles is the victim in every single situation. I’ve never heard of someone so innocent and just always the victim. Don’t you ever put me in the same category as giving someone death threats. I have never given someone death threats ever.”

Trisha then said that James Charles “isn’t going to last” because he has “no humility” and doesn’t take “any accountability”.

She also called him out for wearing no mask during the Covid-19 pandemic and said that Charli D’Amelio is James’ “underage victim”.

James Charles exposes Trisha Paytas for allegedly “doing blackface”

Following Trisha’s TikTok video, James Charles then took to his own TikTok to expose her.

He first shut down rumours that he is a “child groomer” and claimed that his relationship with Charli is just a friendship despite their age difference.

Then he exposed Trisha Paytas and said:

“The only reason she is in the spotlight is because she has said racist things, she’s said the n-word, she’s done blackface, she friended the trans-community, she friended the DID community, she said Hitler wasn’t that bad of a guy, she voted for Trump and has started a fight with just about every other creator on this platform.”

Trisha has made many more videos responding to James’ allegations on her TikTok @trishlikefish88.


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