As rumours flood Twitter about Quavo and Reginae Carter, some fans believe the rapper cheated on Saweetie. However, the comments that fuelled the fire appear to be from a renown prankster attempting to make-up rumours.

Yesterday, November 19th, Gucci Mane and Jeezy took part in the latest Verzuz battle. The rap duel brought the heat enough, but Twitter was set fire by the comments section instead.

An Instagram user under the handle @iamgeraldhuston commented on the live stream, asking: “@quavehuncho you stil f****** colormenae?”

The comment resulted in Twitter rumours alleging that Quavo is cheating on girlfriend Saweetie with Reginae Carter.

@Colormenae is the Instagram handle of Reginae Carter, an actress who just so happens to be the daughter of Lil Wayne. While Saweetie is a singer who Quavo has been dating for three years.

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Are the Quavo and Reginae rumours true?

Gerald Hutson, the man who commented on the live, is a stand-up comedian and prankster on YouTube with 470k subscribers.

His pranks often entail him playing jokes on unsuspecting members of the public, including hugging shoppers and asking girls pick-up lines.

Although he hasn’t confirmed whether the comment was a genuine allegation or another of his pranks, it’s widely believed that on Twitter the comment was a joke and a publicity stunt.

The Quavo and Reginae comment was one of many the comedian left directed at celebrities. He also asked: “@gabunion is it true you like to peg Dwade?” and told Take Off, who is not Cardi B’s partner, “stop cheating on Cardi B bro.”

Fans of Quavo and Reginae have taken to Gerald Hutson’s Instagram comments, dubbing him a “clout chaser” and “troll”.

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Twitter users react to the comment

Many fans of both artists were sucked in by the prank, tweeting their disappointment with Quavo.

Other eagle-eyed fans actively pointed out that the man who commented is a known prankster.

“Yeah Gerald Hutson is a troll. Quavo ain’t cheat on Saweetie with Reginae,” tweeted one fan.

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