Boris Johnson has called the Home Secretary by the nickname “Prittster” and Twitter cannot get over it.

The PM’s adviser, Sir Alex Allan, conducted a report into allegations of bullying against Priti Patel, arguing that Patel had “not consistently met the high standard expected of her” and that she has breached the ministerial code with her behaviour, as reported by The Evening Standard.

However, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, disagreed with Sir Alex Allan and judged that Priti Patel had not ruptured the ministerial code.

According to The Times, Boris Johnson then sent a text in a WhatsApp group chat encouraging them to “form a square around the Prittster”.

While Sir Alex Allan has just resigned from his government role as PM’s adviser after Patel’s apology, Twitter cannot get over Priti Patel’s nickname given by Boris Johnson.

Who is the Prittster?

The nickname “Prittster” was given to Priti Sushil Patel by PM Boris Johnson.

Priti Patel is a 48-year-old British politician, member of the Conservative Party, serving as Secretary of State for the Home Department since 2019.

Patel was born in London to a Ugandan-Indian family and was raised in a Hindu household. She studied economics at Keele University and then pursued a postgraduate degree in British government and politics at the University of Essex.

Prittster’s influence and political heroine is Margaret Thatcher, former Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

Twitter reacts to the ‘Prittster’

People took over Twitter to state their own opinion on the matter and on the hilarious nickname “Prittster”.

As serious as the situation is, people couldn’t help but make memes and funny tweets about the government’s Prittster and we can’t blame them.

Here are some of the comic tweets about the Prittster.

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