The Pokémon Go fanbase is elated over the news about raises in its level cap with a huge Beyond update, but trainers shouldn’t forget that there’s a community for Magmar right around the corner. Some people have been asking what time does the Magmar community day start for Pokémon Go, and here you’ll find the start time, as well as details pertaining to Magby and a special box.

There is a Home event that is currently available with its own set of tasks and rewards to complete until 22:00 on November 23rd, and then fans will be able to participate in a Lake Legends event on November 24th.

Although the Home event is something to complete with Lake Legends less than a week away, below you’ll find the start time for the Pokémon Go Magmar community day, along with details about Magby and Niantic’s special box.

Pokémon Go Magby and Magmar community day box

The Magmar community day for Pokémon Go will feature Magby as well as a special box.

Magby will be hatching from 2km Eggs during the Pokémon Go community day for Magmar, meanwhile the special box will be available for 1,280 coins.

This exclusive package will come with everything listed below:

  • Elite Charged TM
  • Three Super Incubators
  • Three Lucky Eggs
  • 30 Ultra Balls

In addition to Magby and the special box, there will also be exclusive timed research tasks and rewards, and there will also be a surprise for taking snapshots.

What time does the Pokémon Go Magmar community day start?

The Pokémon Go Magmar community day will start at 11:00 local time on November 21st.

After starting at the above hours, you only have until 17:00 local time to complete everything the Pokémon Go Magmar community day has to offer.

However, although the event’s duration is only six hours, you have a further two to get Magmortar with Thunderbolt.

The event is pretty much identical to the one earlier this month with Electabuzz, so all trainers should be giddy and comfortable with what’s on offer.

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