Friday, November 20th marks a special date for Barbz everywhere—it’s the 10 year anniversary of Pink Friday. To celebrate, Twitter users are editing Nicki Minaj’s famous Pink Friday wig onto their profile pictures.

The album was Nicki Minaj’s first ever and launched her into the success we now know. It sold 375,000 copies in the first week and topped charts in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Photo by David Becker/WireImage

Nicki Minaj’s reaction to the anniversary

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to celebrate the anniversary, reminiscing on the album and answering fans questions in tweets. The rapper also released a special edition collection of Pink Friday anniversary merch, including apparel and face masks.

Many fans have even been speculating that she may have recreated the cover of the album, as last week she uploaded a video with a pink(ish) wig on.

Whether it’s an album recreation or not, Nicki definitely has something in store for fans as she tweeted: “Barbz, Friday is the 10 year anniversary of Pink Friday. Get your outfits ready for the celebration.”

It’s unclear what exactly the virtual celebration is set to be but where Nicki goes, Barbz follow, so they’ve been getting their outfits ready in a unique way.

How to edit a Nicki Minaj Pink Friday wig on your picture

To celebrate the anniversary, Barbz have been decorating their profile pictures on Twitter with the famous Pink Friday wigs.

If you want in on the action but are unsure how to get the look, there’s a few ways you can do it.

Although there’s no filter to add to your picture, which would make it ten times easier, you can use various free picture editing apps to do it like Picsart.

  • Open the photo you’d like to add the wig to.
  • When in the editing process, select ‘add photo’ and select a saved image of the wig.
  • Next, choose to ‘cut out’ the image and simply cut the edge of the wig.
  • Then select done and it should add only your cut out wig to the original image.
  • You can then resize the wig to fit the photo.

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