Singer and actor Drake Bell has surprised fans by changing his name, but there’s one thing confusing people—it’s Mexican. Meet Drake Campana.

Drake Bell first found fame as the star of Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh and became a household name since.

Yesterday however fans noticed a change in his social media presence. The singer changed his Twitter and Instagram usernames to Drake Campana with a Mexican flag. Campana is Spanish for bell, by the way.

It’s unclear so far whether he’s legally changed his name from Drake Bell to Drake Campana as his actual handle is still Bell on social media.

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Why has he changed his name?

Although the singer hasn’t released a statement on the name change, he’s been making music in Spanish since 2019, which many are concluded is why he’s made the change to Drake Campana over Bell.

His social media has been entirely in Spanish since November of last year when he tweeted a Spanish translation of: “My social networks will now only be in Spanish, no more English.”

The last album Drake Bell released in English was in 2014 and reportedly sold only 2,000 copies in the first week. His Spanish music however has done better, with songs like Fuego Lento and Diosa becoming his two highest ranking songs on Spotify with streams in the millions.

Drake Bell’s Spotify name is yet to change to Campana, though.

One fan tweeted: “Drake Bell trending because he changed his name to Drake Campana, moved to Mexico, and now only writes and sings Spanish songs because he’s apparently more popular there.”

It’s not confirmed that the singer has made the move to Mexico, or that he’s changed his name to Drake Campana to appeal to Mexican fans, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise as he posted memes on Instagram last year joking about his attention being on Mexico instead of America.

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Twitter’s reaction to Drake Bell changing his name

The name change to Drake Campana was met with a lot of confusion from Twitter:

Amid the confusion there was signs of support for Drake Bell/ Campana:

As it’s Twitter, some people took the opportunity to make memes from the situation:

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