Charli and Dixie D’Amelio’s chef has been shot into the limelight after he appeared in one of their YouTube videos. But who is he? Meet Aaron May.

The D’Amelio’s are being ‘cancelled’ this week after fans branded them ‘rude’ and ‘disrespectful’ for not enjoying a meal cooked for them by a private chef in a YouTube video with James Charles.

Dixie took to TikTok to explain in a video that it was all a stunt and the crew behind the scenes had agreed to make Dixie eat a snail to “get a reaction”. However, it was too late, and everyone was already turning against the sisters on social media.

After the situation blew up on social media, the chef revealed his side of the story in a Hollywood Fix paparazzi video, explaining that it was all “blown out of proportion”. He also said that Charli and Dixie are great and he “loves them”.

So who is he? Let’s meet chef Aaron May.

Who is Aaron May?

Aaron May is a celebrity chef from Arizona.

He often appears on The Food Network and is the owner and executive chef of the four Lettuce Turnip Beets restaurants The Lodge, Sasquatch Kicthen, Goodward Tavern and Over Easy which are situated across Arizona.

He also recently became the head chef at Hollywood restaurants Dough Pizzeria and Bar on the Sunset Strip.

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He sometimes works with the D’Amelio’s

Chef Aaron May shot into the limelight after he was revealed to be the private chef for the TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio their parents.

In a TikTok video, Dixie said that the family have been working with him for a couple of months now creating content for both of their channel’s, and says that they’ve formed a great friendship.

The D’Amelio’s recently posted a video to their YouTube channel where they sat and had dinner with fellow social media star James Charles, and they ate a Spanish paella cooked by Aaron May who appears in the video a few times.

Follow Aaron May on Instagram

Aaron May has 28,000 followers on his Instagram profile @chefaaronmay where he often posts the dishes he’s made.

Follow him here.

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