Chicago Fire drew attention to the tribute on Ambulance 61’s door in episode 2 of season 9 but just who was Leslie Shay and what happened to her?

When a TV show has been running for long enough, it can be easy to forget characters who haven’t appeared in a number of years, especially for new fans who might never have met them.

That was the case in the most recent episode of Chicago Fire, episode 2 of season 9, as it draws our attention to the tribute on the door of Ambulance 61, commemorating Leslie Elizabeth Shay.

New arrival Gianna Mackey asks about Leslie and a number of fans have been left scanning their memory banks as well.

But just who was Leslie Shay and what happened to her?

Chicago Fire season 9 on NBC

Season 9 of Chicago Fire arrived on NBC on November 11th, 2020.

Like in real life, the characters in Chicago Fire are forced to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic while undertaking their life-saving duties in the frontline.

After the departure of Emily Foster, who has returned to medical school amidst the pandemic, there’s a new arrival at Firehouse 51 in the form of Gianna Mackey, a paramedic who takes Foster’s place on Ambulance 61.


Who is Leslie Shay?

Leslie Elizabeth Shay was one of Chicago Fire’s original cast members.

She was a paramedic on Ambulance 61 and worked alongside Gabriella Dawson.

Played by Lauren German, who has since gone on to appear as Chloe Decker in Lucifer, Leslie was openly gay, a popular figure in Firehouse 51 and shared an apartment with best friend, Kelly Severide.

As we see in season 9, episode 2, Leslie’s name is inscribed on the door of Ambulance 61 as a touching tribute which means a lot to the crew at Firehouse 51.


What happened to Leslie Shay?

Leslie Shay was tragically killed off in the opening episode of season 3 after appearing as a series regular in seasons 1 and 2 of Chicago Fire.

She and Gabreilla Dawson attend to an injured man in a burning building.

However, there’s an explosion and a collapsing pipe falls down, hitting Leslie in the head.

Despite the best efforts to save her, Leslie doesn’t make it.

As a tribute to her, the Firehouse 51 crew add a touching inscription to the door of Ambulance 61 which Kelly Severide goes to retrieve after Ambulance 61 is involved in a crash in episode 2 of season 9.


Chicago Fire returns to NBC for episode 3 in January 2021 after season 9 premiered on November 11th, 2020.

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