Customers are taking to Twitter to express their frustration at Very for PS5 stocking issues, but what time will the console release on the website?

There is understandably a lot of hype and excitement surrounding the PS5 and the next-generation games consoles.

However, that expectation has turned into frustration for many customers, with the console selling out within minutes from online retailers.

One such retailer in the spotlight is Very, with customers taking to Twitter to voice their anger at the release, re-stock and issues with confirmation emails for the PS5.  

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What time is Very releasing PS5?

  • The PS5 became available to order on the Very website at around 10 AM GMT on Thursday, November 19th, but quickly sold out.

On Wednesday, November 18th, Very tweeted out that “limited stock” would be available on launch day, with the console “available to order tomorrow [November 19th] from mid-morning.”

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However, the console sold out on the website within minutes (a high estimate) of going live which Very’s customer service team on Twitter cited as being due to “popular demand.”

The website has since displayed a ‘Stock coming soon’ message and the customer service team are responding to messages on Twitter by saying that customers should continue checking the website for new stock availability.

What time is Very re-stocking the PS5?

At the time of writing, neither the Very website or the customer service team have confirmed when the PS5 will be re-stocked.

This has, understandably, angered a lot of fans who have already been spamming the refresh button for several hours.

Very responded to several customers saying that the PS5 would be re-stocked around mid-day today, November 19th, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Hopefully, the PS5 will be re-stocked on Very before the end of the day. However, there is also a possibility that the next-generation console may not become available to order until tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the best and fastest way to check the stock availability is by constantly refreshing the product page and keeping an eye on the Very Twitter page.

Confirmation emails frustrate shoppers…

There have also been several messages from customers on Twitter that confirmation emails have not been sent, despite customers ordering the PS5.

Multiple customers have reported that the money for the PS5 has been withdrawn from their account, but that they have not received a confirmation email up to 25 minutes after ordering the console.

This article will be updated as soon as more information is revealed.

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