Doyoung, member of the popular South Korean band ‘NCT’, will make his acting debut as the lead character in the upcoming drama ‘The Curious Stalker’.

It is becoming more and more common that South Korean musicians are turning towards acting and delivering some incredible performances in television dramas.

Recently, Yook Sung-jae from BtoB made his mark in the hit series ‘Mystic Pop-Up Bar’ and it was revealed that Blackpink’s Jisoo will play the lead in ‘Snowdrop’.

Now, it has been confirmed that NCT’s Kim Dong-young, professionally known as Doyoung, has landed his first lead role in a television drama.

Interestingly, he is the third member of NCT to feature in a TV drama, with Jaemin winning the Best Korean Actor award at the 2020 Seoul Webfest Awards for “Way to Dislike You,” and Jaehyun is also preparing to make his debut in the upcoming KBS drama “Dear.M.”

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Doyoung lands his first lead role…

  • Doyoung has landed his first lead role in season 3 of the Midnight Café anthology, called ‘The Curious Stalker’ which will premiere in 2021.

On November 2nd, it was revealed by SPOTV News that Doyoung would be making his professional debut as an actor as the lead in ‘Sanbok Sanbok Stalker’.

“Doyoung will be taking on his first acting role as Son Ji Woo in the time and space transcending fantasy drama ‘Midnight Café’ season three ‘Sanbok Sanbok Stalker,’ which will portray the growth and therapeutic story of an 18-year-old high school student who can see the future.” – SM Entertainment, via Soompi.

This will be the third season of the hit series ‘Midnight Café’ which first debuted earlier this year on MBC and is set to be Doyoung’s first acting role in a drama.

As a member of NCT, Doyoung will be used to performing in front of the cameras. However, he has featured as a cast member on Lipstick Prince, King of Mask Singer and Law of the Jungle as a cast member.

The Curious Stalker…

The Curious Stalker, Sanbok Sanbok Stalker, is the third season of the Midnight Café drama that will premiere on MBC in 2021.

In the series, Doyoung will play the lead character ‘Son Ji Woo, a seemingly perfect high school student who has to mature quickly after his mother loses her memories of him. However, in the middle of this difficult time in his life, he realises he can see the future and starts to develop feelings towards a female friend.

The female lead in ‘The Curious Stalker’ will be portrayed by Kim In Yi, a young up-and-coming actress from South Korea. The 19-year-old made her acting debut in a web series called ‘The Female Friend Among Guys’ and has since featured in several YouTube channel projects.

An exact release date for ‘The Curious Stalker’ has not been officially revealed. However, fans should expect more information to be revealed once production concludes, so keep checking back in for the latest updates.

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