EA is adding a very special David Beckham unit to FIFA 21: an untradeable, “one-of-a-kind” player that will be available in FUT and VOLTA FOOTBALL.

One of the selling features of FIFA 21 is the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, which lets players build their own custom team out of all available players, including a variety of legacy stars from the game’s past.

One such star, David Beckham (recreated resembling his first season with Real Madrid in 2004/2004), will be added soon to the game for free.

How to get David Beckham in FIFA 21

To receive the free David Beckham in FIFA 21’s FUT and VOLTA FOOTBALL modes, simply play the game before January 15 2021. Bear in mind that he is only available in PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions of the game, and won’t be added to the Nintendo Switch game.

Starting December 15, all players will receive David Beckham as a free gift upon turning on the game. The character will not be tradeable, and will be distinct from the other “ICON” versions of Beckham that will be available in FUT mode.

While this Beckham can’t be traded between players, he will move along with all other save data if the player upgrades to a new console (an Xbox Series X, Series S, or a PlayStation 5). The only condition is that the player has already received the new Beckham unit before January 15.


Is the free David Beckham available in FIFA 21 on Switch?

The free David Beckham is not included in the FIFA 21 Legacy Edition on Switch. This is the only version of the game that will not receive this free unit.

While there is no official explanation for why Switch users are being snubbed, it’s possible that the differences between FIFA 21 on Switch and on other platforms are so vast that it would involve a lot of additional work on the part of EA to add the character to the Switch version of the game.

Regardless, players on all other platforms will be able to enjoy the new David Beckham unit when it is added to FIFA 21 on December 15.

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