Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War had most players agreeing that the MP5 is the king of weapons. Some streamers and creators had even gone as far as to call it broken. They are certainly well within their claims. Cold War gave players the best weapon first. But that’s all about to change.

When did the MP5 Nerf happen?

The MP5 nerf came sometime late Tuesday night or in the early hours of Wednesday morning (November 18th).

The MP5 saw a 33% reduction in its range as well as an increase in its overall vertical recoil. Treyarch had this to say on Twitter Wednesday afternoon:

While Treyarch refers to the weapon as Submachine Gun Alpha, players learned very quickly that they were talking about the MP5.

Streamers have been spending the days since launch boasting about how broken the MP5 really was. It was a laser at long ranges, far longer than any submachine gun should be. The recoil was minimal and any player with a steady hand could rack up some serious kills with it.

Other COD Black Ops: Cold War guns to use

The crux of the MP5’s problem is that it was available to players off the bat. It was the first gun anybody started using other than the XM4 Assault Rifle. Players may remember the AK-74u from previous Call of Duty games. The Submachine gun made its return in the Cold War Beta and rightfully claimed its place in the game.

With the game still so young, it’s difficult to answer the question. Before the nerf, the better question was, ‘why NOT use the MP5?’ to which there was no good answer. Now players are left in a state of limbo leveling up other weapons to see what works. There are no shortage of complaints when it comes to the weapon leveling in Cold War.

Was anything else Nerfed?

No, the MP5 was the only patch/nerf Cold War experienced in Wednesday’s update. Developers at Treyarch do not plan on releasing any further updates or patches until Season 1 launches in December.

Season 1 of COD Black Ops: Cold War will finally see the integration of Warzone into the latest Call of Duty installment. Set to launch in early December, players will be waiting patiently to see how the Battle Royal they’ve come to love will change.

In other news, COD Black Ops: Cold War MP5 Nerf explained - what gun to use now!