Twitter users are calling out Bryce Hall after he allegedly claimed he was “more famous” than Billie Eilish – did he actually say that?

With 15 million followers on TikTok and 7 million on Instagram, Bryce Hall has become a pretty well-known figure over the past year. But is he bigger than Billie Eilish? Probably not.

A number of fake tweets that look like they’re written by Bryce Hall are going viral on Twitter, and fooled fans can’t believe what he appears to have said.

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Bryce Hall tweets go viral on Twitter

Over the past few days, a rumour has been spreading round Twitter that Bryce Hall said he was “more famous” than singer Billie Eilish, and here’s where it all started.

Two separate tweets that appear to be written by Bryce started going viral, both shading Billie.

The first tweet said: “Hey Billie Eilish, looks like you’re stuck at 4.6mil… u need help? Wanna collab.”

Then, the second said: “I’m still more famous than Billie Eilish #IHave11MillionMoreFollowers.”

The tweets instantly caused a stir on Twitter, and people were shocked to see what the TikTok star said about the musician.

Twitter users react to the Billie Eilish tweets

Fans started reacting to the tweets, and they definitely didn’t agree with them.

One Twitter user said: “Bryce Hall needs to be humbled what’s he talking about being more famous than Billie Eilish. Girl not even close sit down.”

“Not Bryce Hall thinking he is more famous than billie eilish. please baby you’re not famous enough for her to know who you are. IM DEAD,” said another.

Another person said: “There is no way in hell that Bryce hall thought he was as famous as Arianna and Billie… luv they are A list celebs… and you’re a TikToker… please sit down. I think YOU’RE the one who needs publicity from THEM.”

The tweets are actually fake

However, despite the rumours, fans have concluded that the tweets are actually fake and Bryce Hall never shaded Billie Eilish at all.

When you go onto Bryce Hall’s Twitter, there’s no sign of the tweets, which instantly got fans suspicious.

Many people have also claimed that if you look at the tweets carefully, you can tell that they’re photoshopped.

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