Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has reached its release time, and Nintendo fans everywhere are eager to dive back into the world of Hyrule to discover what exactly happened a hundred years before the events of Breath of the Wild.

While not the full sequel that Zelda fans are waiting for, Age of Calamity expands upon the world of Breath of the Wild, filling in some of the gaps in the lore and fleshing out several characters’ backstories.

After a well-received demo came to the Switch last months, fans are eager to know the exact moment when the new game will release.

What is the release time for Age of Calamity?

According to Nintendo Support, Age of Calamity will release at 00:00 midnight ET on November 20 in the United States, meaning it will be available at 21:00 PT on November 19. That said, as this is a third-party title, it may take until 12:00 noon PT on November 20 to be added to the eShop.

In the United Kingdom, Nintendo Support states that Age of Calamity will debut on the eShop at 14:00 GMT. It could take until 17:00 with third-party titles.

Nintendo does have a history of being unreliable with new updates. Previous game releases – such as the recent Crown Tundra expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield – have been released far later than fans expected, leading to confusion.

How much does Age of Calamity cost?

The retail price for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity at the time of launch is $59.99 in the United States and £49.99 in the United Kingdom.

That said, the game may drop in price before too long. While most first-party Nintendo games tend to hold their value very well, third-party titles can often dip in price fairly quickly.

Despite being a Zelda game, Age of Calamity was developed by Koei Techmo, and as such, its price may drop rapidly after its initial release time.

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