The PlayStation 5 is available in the United States and will be in the UK tomorrow. Sony has taken over Oxford Circus Station with their iconic controller button symbols all over the place, but the unfortunate news is that not everyone has been able to land a pre-order. This has resulted in plenty of people asking when will the PS5 be back in stock in the UK, and here you’ll discover when and how you can buy from Amazon on launch day.

As with the launch of every new console, there are some horror stories about how Sony’s next-gen machine “could die at any moment“. With these stories being true but very few and far between, the only thing that can be recommended is to keep your receipt of warranty in a safe place, and to look after your console rather than keep it inside a plastic case ala Best Buy.

However, if you haven’t managed to pre-order the machine and are thus asking when the PS5 will be back in stock, below you’ll discover how to buy from Amazon UK on launch day.

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

When will PS5 be back in stock UK?

The PS5 will be back in limited stock in the UK for Amazon on November 19th.

In addition, the John Lewis website also says that there will be PS5 consoles in stock for UK citizens to order on launch day morning.

Unfortunately, no specific time has been given, and they also don’t know when further units will be available to buy post launch day.

The only console listed on the John Lewis website is the £450 version with the disc drive.

In addition to John Lewis and Amazon, Digital Foundry says that there will also be PS5 stock at Currys, Tesco, and Very.

How to buy PS5 on launch day in UK

You can buy the PS5 on launch day in the UK from Amazon at 12:00 GMT on November 19th.

However, know that the stock for Amazon is very limited meaning it’ll be very hard to buy a PS5 on launch day in the UK.

Aside from Amazon (via VGC), there’s also John Lewis but their website doesn’t specify an exact hour for when their limited orders will become available (people have suggested 08:00 GMT).

Digital Foundry Deals has also listed Very, Currys, and Tesco as places with stock on November 19th, so follow them on Twitter for links that they will soon post.

Amazon has a concrete time for when to refresh their page in hope of getting a PS5 order, but – again – the stock is very limited as it will be in all other places.

Trying to buy a next-gen console is – at the very least – recommended, but the likelihood of disappointment should be known as high.

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