The PlayStation 5 is now available in the United States and will be available in the UK tomorrow. While there has been some haggling over the £70 cost of its games which is a fair price according to CEO Jim Ryan, everyone is mostly excited to get their grubby hands on the next-gen machine. This has resulted in people asking what time does the PS5 come out in the UK, and here you’ll discover the release time for when it will come out and how you can collect your physical in-store pre-order from GAME during lockdown.

Of course, with any newly released console launch, there’s horror stories about how Sony’s next-gen machine “could die at any moment“. With some of these stories being true albeit few and far between, it’s highly recommended that you keep your receipt of warranty in a safe place just in case the worst happens.

But, away from foreseeing doom and gloom, below you’ll find the release time for when the PS5 will come out in the UK for GAME, and how to collect your pre-order during lockdown.

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

What is the release time for the PS5 in UK?

The PS5 release time in the UK for GAME is 08:00 GMT on November 19th.

From between the release time of 08:00 until 14:00 GMT, those who secured a PS5 pre-order in the UK from GAME will be able to collect their next-gen machine.

While the aforementioned hours are the basic template used for GAME across the country, know that some stores will not open for collection until 08:30 GMT.

This means the release time for your PS5 pre-order in the UK may be a little bit later, so check the Twitter account of your local store to confirm collection hours.

How to collect PS5 pre-order from GAME during lockdown

You can only collect your PS5 pre-order from GAME during lockdown between the hours of 08:00 and 14:00 GMT on November 19th.

In order to collect your PS5 pre-order from GAME, you will need to have already paid for it and have a receipt of identification.

Know that you will also need to wear a mask when picking up your pre-order, so there’s that as well.

If you can’t collect your pre-order from GAME due to being ill or for some other reason, your pre-order should still be safe for when ‘non-essential’ stores hopefully reopen on December 2nd.

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