Twitter just launched Fleets, a feature set to rival Instagram Stories, but some users aren’t too keen on the new update – is there a way to turn Fleets off?

If you’re already struggling to keep up with your Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook stories then you’re probably not that keen on Twitter’s new Story feature ‘Fleets’.

Fleets have already had a bad reaction from a lot of users who claim it takes up too much space on their home screen and really isn’t want they want on Twitter.

So, can you turn Fleets off?

What are Fleets?

Twitter just launched a brand new feature called ‘Fleets’, which are being dubbed as ‘Twitter Stories’.

On Tuesday (November 17th), they announced the new update in a tweet and said: “That thing you didn’t Tweet but wanted to but didn’t but got so close but then were like nah. We have a place for that now—Fleets! Rolling out to everyone starting today.”

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‘Fleets’ are similar to stories on Instagram or Snapchat, allowing users to post content that isn’t as permanent as a normal tweet. They disappear after 24 hours and allow users to share text, record video or post a photo to their followers. 

Your followers can then react to your ‘Fleets’ with emojis or respond to them with a direct message. 

Can you turn off Fleets?

Fleets appear in round bubbles at the top of your app and they don’t ever disappear, which some users claim is really annoying. People have been complaining that it takes up far too much of the screen, and want a way to disable the feature. So is there a way to turn off ‘Fleets’?

  • No

Unfortunately, if you’re not a fan of Fleets, you’re just going to have to learn to accept them because there doesn’t currently seem to be any way of turning them off.

If you don’t want to use the new feature, you don’t have to, and you can ignore other people’s Fleets if you don’t want to view them. However, you can’t actually make it disappear from the top of your feed.

How to use Fleets

You can’t get rid of Fleets, so why not learn to use them instead. You never know, you might learn to love the new Twitter feature.

To share a ‘Fleet’:

  • At the top of your home screen, you will see lots of round bubbles at the top of your screen. Click on your own profile photo on the left- hand side to create your own ‘Fleet’. You can write text, upload photos and capture video.

You can also share your own or somebody else’s tweets in a Fleet. To do this:

  • Find the tweet and tap the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of the tweet. Now tap ‘Share in Fleet.’ Then, you can add text or emojis.

If Fleets aren’t showing on your app yet, Twitter is gradually rolling out the feature around the world, so it’ll be available soon.

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