Out of all the AAA and next-gen titles released this year, it’s games like Among Us and Phasmophobia which have become the internet’s favourite titles of 2020. The latter has been dubbed the best Indie horror game to play, and things are set to become even creepier with the emergence of a prison map. This forthcoming prison map has been teased with some spooky screenshots and a modest description of its map size, and below you’ll find all the details shared by the Phasmophobia developer.

With a plethora of unique and different ghost types, Phasmophobia is a phenomenon which tasks a group of mates or strangers with investigating paranormal hotspots similar to ‘reality’ television shows such as Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. Only the ghosts do more than just knock on wood and unintelligibly whisper in your ear as they actually manifest with grotesque faces and distorted bodies.

If you’re a fan of the game who has been waiting for new content, below you’ll find the screenshots for the teased prison map.

Phasmophobia prison map screenshots

The official Phasmophobia Twitter account has provided screenshots of the prison map.

Incredibly dark and foreboding, the screenshots of the prison map in Phasmophobia include the outside, cell blocks, and catering.

Again, it’s all dimly lit and hard to see, but that’ll make things especially terrifying when investigating the shenanigans of creepy spectres

In addition to the screenshots, the game’s official Twitter account has also provided a modest description of the map size.

What is the size of the prison map in Phasmophobia?

Developer Kinetic Games have described the size of the in-development prison map for Phasmophobia as ‘medium’.

To provide fans with a reference point, the ‘medium’ size of the prison map has been compared to the Asylum which is said to be ‘large’.

This means that the forthcoming jail should be smaller, but still dense and full of places to explore.

We don’t know when the prison map will come out for Phasmophobia, but it’s the only in-development level that has been shared on the game’s Twitter account.

Other planned levels on the game’s Trello board include a mansion and apartment building.