Phasmophobia and Among Us are the internet’s two favourite games of the year, with the latter having been dubbed the best ghost game ever made. The game is only available in Early Access format with plans to add a prison map, but lots of people have been asking: can you be possessed in Phasmophobia? Here you’ll discover if you can be possessed, as well as how you can throw objects when dead.

With a variety of different ghost types and models, Phasmophobia is a unique horror game which asks a group of mates or complete strangers to boldly step inside abodes full of paranormal activity. The way in which you investigate the behaviour of spirits is similar to the likes of Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters, but the video game spectres actually materialise and are hideous with their grotesque faces and distorted bodies.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a regular ghostbuster, below you’ll discover if you can be possessed in Phasmophobia.

Is there Phantom possession in Phasmophobia?

There is no Phantom possession in Phasmophobia which means you cannot be possessed.

Although there are Phantoms in Phasmophobia who are believed to have possessed players, possession is currently not possible in the game’s current state.

As others have mentioned, it’s possible that the feature could be added at a later date seeing as the game is only in Early Access with a vague release window of 2021.

While some people will be disappointed by the lack of concrete possession as seen in movies like The Conjuring, a bright side is that you can at least throw objects when dead.

How to throw objects in Phasmophobia when dead

Phasmophobia players can now throw objects while dead.

The ability for dead players to throw objects in Phasmophobia has been welcomed by some as well as rejected by others thanks to it being helpful as well as a hindrance.

Some players like the newly added feature because it gives them something to do, as well as because it allows them to help their teammates by answering questions through performing acts.

However, those who have rejected it find the aforementioned help to be ‘cheating,’ meanwhile others understandably find a dead player throwing plates to be annoying.

The mood towards the newly added feature seems to depend on whether you’re playing with a close knit group of mates or random strangers who all have different attitudes.

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