A video of a high school American football team has gone viral on TikTok and users are obsessing over one of the players. Are you on ‘number 7 TikTok’?

With TikTok, anyone can become an internet celebrity. One day you’re just an ordinary person, and then suddenly your video goes viral and everyone knows who you are.

That’s exactly what’s happened to an American football player from Michigan.

After a video of his Spartans team took over TikTok, girls across the world have become totally obsessed with Caden Woodall, the guy who wears a number 7 shirt.

@rawrits.alex TikTok

Video of the Spartans football team goes viral on TikTok

A video is going viral on TikTok that sees players from the Spartans, a Michigan school’s American football team, dancing along to the song Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber, and TikTok users are obsessed with it.

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In the video, the team appear to be filming a music video in their locker room, all wearing their Spartans kit and jumping around as they sing the song.

It was posted by a TikTok user called @rawrits.alex who has 172,000 followers on the video-sharing app. From her videos, it seems as though she is a videographer who films videos of the Spartans.

The original video gained a huge 2 million likes but was removed by TikTok. However, @rawrits.alex has now reposted the video and it’s already had 112,000 views in just one hour.

People are obsessed with player number 7

After the video took over TikTok, users began obsessing over one of the players.

Throughout the video, a guy with a number 7 on the front of his football top appears many times, and girls on social media are seriously crushing on him.

The player is called Caden Woodall, a Harvard commit who is currently nominated for Player of the Year at his Michigan high school, and TikTok users think he’s really good looking.

One Twitter user said: “To the football player with number 7 jersey that’s all over the TikTok… yes I have a crush on u.”

“I want number 7 from the eenie meenie minie mo lover TikTok with the American Footballers,” said another.

Number 7 takes over TikTok

If you’re on TikTok and you keep seeing videos related to Number 7, it’s all referring to Caden Woodall from the Spartans football team video, and you’re now on what’s known as ‘Number 7 TikTok’.

When you watch one video related to a certain topic, TikTok’s algorithm works by showing you a load more videos related to the same thing. As a result, your For You page can sometimes be dominated by one specific thing, and it can seem a bit strange.

That’s exactly what’s happening with ‘Number 7 TikTok’, with users reporting that their For You page is being flooded with videos related to the Spartans video – but they’re certainly not complaining.

One person on Twitter said: “Idk how I ended up on number 7 TikTok but EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO. is something with # 7 If you know, you know.”

“Number 7 on TikTok is just the new Alex from target,” said another.

Another Twitter user said: “I want to stay on number 7 TikTok forever … why was that so hot.”

It looks like Caden Woodall and the Spartans football team have just gained a whole load of new fans.

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