Big Sky premiered on ABC with an unexpected twist, leaving many viewers at home questioning whether Ryan Phillippe’s character is dead.

The drama series debuted on ABC on Tuesday, November 18th with the likes of Ryan Phillippe, Game Night actress Kylie Bunbury and Vikings star Katheryn Winnick.

Big Sky comes from David E. Kelley, the mastermind behind the massive hits Big Little Lies and The Undoing.

And in a typical Kelley style, who is known for his unpredictable plots, the ABC drama series premiered with a huge twist.

So, is Ryan Phillippe dead? If you haven’t watched the show yet, this is your final warning before we spill out spoilers down below.

Screenshot – Big Sky Trailer, ABC

Big Sky on ABC

Big Sky is based on the 2013 novel The Highway by C.J. Box and created by David E. Kelley for ABC.

Similar to the book, the show starts with the abduction of two teenage girls on a remote highway in Helena, Montana.

The premiere episode brings Ryan’s character, private detective Cody Hoyt, into the investigation, his partner Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) and his ex-wife and former cop Jenny Hoytas (Katheryn Winnick) as they try to track down truck driver Ronald Pergman.

As characters are revealed in this small town in Montana, the show reveals the complicated relationship between Cody, Cassie and Jenny.

There is also state trooper Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch) who is the person behind that massive twist Big Sky brought at the end of its first episode.

Is Ryan Phillippe dead in Big Sky?

Yes, Ryan’s character is killed at the end of Big Sky’s premiere episode. He was shot dead by Rick Legarski.

Speaking about the twist, Ryan revealed that he knew his role in Big Sky was a “short commitment” from the beginning. The actor told Entertainment Tonight:

“I did know that it was a short commitment for me. I can’t remember whether or not my agents told me that he died at the end. Regardless, on my first read of the script, I had forgotten by the time I got to the end.

“And so, I’m like, “All right, this love triangle, they’ve all got to solve this thing and this weirdo cop…” And then bam! I’m like, “Whoa.” I didn’t see it coming either, and I wasn’t familiar enough with the books to know the fate of the character. I was pretty shocked, but I think it’s interesting.”

Those who have read the book might remember that Ryan’s character is killed halfway through the book.

Co-stars Kylie and Katheryn admitted that the decision to kill Cody so early was a huge shock for them too.

“We read and it and said, wow, Ryan’s fans are going to be pretty pissed,” Kylie said.

Meanwhile, Katheryn revealed the twist a few hours before Big Sky’s premiere. She said on Good Morning America:

“I was shocked as well and really excited that ABC is taking a chance like this to kill off a star like Ryan.”

Fans react to ABC drama twist

Muck like Kylie’s prediction, many of Ryan’s fans were pissed and disappointed that the show killed off his character.

Check out some reactions from Twitter users below.

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