Season 4 of Fortnite has been a collaboration with Marvel, and – depending on how much you love superheroes – the good or bad news is that Epic Games have plans for many more years of Marvel integration. While the Season has given us skins of Iron Man, Groot, and the bewitching beauty that is She-Hulk, it has also given us DareDevil, Ghost Rider, and Black Widow through cups and the item shop. Now the superhero to get is Venom, and here you’ll discover when the Venom Cup is scheduled and how to get the skin for free.

Aside from the collaboration with Marvel, Epic Games is two-timing behind the backs of the Disney overlords by getting into bed once again with DC for The Last Laugh bundle. This bundle comes with the Joker and a wicked Poison Ivy, and it has now been released.

But, away from the greatest comic book villain of all time as well as the greatest red-headed villainess, below you’ll discover when the Venom Cup is scheduled to begin in Fortnite, and how to get the Marvel anti-hero’s skin for free.

When is the Venom Cup in Fortnite?

The Venom Cup in Fortnite will happen on November 18th.

It was revealed that the Venom Cup would happen on the above date in the Epic Games’ Black Widow post, but the date has been confirmed in the newest set of rules and format.

After Eddie Brock’s tournament, fans can anticipate a $1M Super Cup Duos on November 21st.

How to get Venom skin for free in Fortnite

You must finish between 1st and 350th in Europe to get the Venom skin for free.

As for NA East and West, you will only get the Venom skin for free if you rank between 1st and 225th, 1st and 75th.

The above requirements are far harder and stingy than the necessary rankings for DareDevil, Ghost Rider, and especially Black Widow.

However, if you meet the above requirements, you will get the Venom skin for free along with a Back Bling.

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