Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has already topped all sorts of sales charts, even beating Black Ops: Cold War. Reviews have poured in deeming this to be the best installment of Assassin’s Creed to date.

While some players have their reservations, they must admit that Valhalla is an impressive feat as far as sheer scale is concerned. The prologue and first act alone will chew up hours of entertaining gameplay. Through these early stages, you can safely rely on one shield to keep Eivor safe from incoming attacks. 

How to unlock Blodwulf

The Blodwulf shield will be rewarded to Eivor upon retaking Grantebridge with Soma and her army.

This is one of two quest-lines Eivor can go on after Ravensthorpe has been established. Eivor will be prompted to head North to aid Sigurd or South to seek out new allies. It is wise to head South as Eivor will gain much need XP, Skill points, and Abilities through the Grantebridge quest-line.

Most importantly, Eivor will find Blodwulf.

What does Blodwulf do? 

Blodwulf is arguably the best early-game shield for a handful of reasons. Most importantly is Blodwulf’s passive ability to ignite Eivor’s weapons upon parrying an incoming attack.

While the weapon description says there’s a ‘chance’ to ignite Eivor’s weapon, trust us, it happens rather frequently. Any weapon Eivor picks up will also catch on fire. For example, when she goes to execute a spear-wielding Saxon with his own weapon, the spear will catch on fire as Eivor drives it through his chest. 

Along with decent overall traits and fairly simple upgrade requirements, Blodwulf will help train players to parry.

Blodwulf upgrades

More often than not, players are discouraged from upgrading early gear as they’ll often find a better piece of equipment after the next mission. That theory doesn’t hold much water for Valhalla as gear rewards aren’t as common as most other games. So go ahead and upgrade Blodwulf to its full potential. She’ll become Eivor’s best friend overnight. 

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