Sainsburys have finally released their much anticipated 2020 Christmas advert and it’s a show-stopper— we found the cast of the talked-about advert!

The 2020 Christmas adverts from Sainsburys are a three-part series of  different adverts, all documenting family stories during the festive period.

Of the three, Gravy Song has racked up the most views and has been the centre of a social media storm over complaints for simply starring a Black family. The advert depicts a phone call between a father and daughter discussing their hopes of being able to spend this Christmas together.

The conversation shortly leads on to the relatable family argument of who’s the best roast dinner cook, which is where the Gravy Song comes into it as the dad sings it down the phone in an all too familiar moment of father-daughter embarrassment.

All the while flashback footage of the family’s younger Christmases all together are shown on the screen— a fitting moment of nostalgia in current circumstances.

Watch the 2020 Christmas advert here:

How was the Sainsburys advert filmed?

The 2020 Christmas ad was directed by duo Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, aka ThirtyTwo. While the ad agency behind it is Wieden+Kennedy London and the production company is Pulse.

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You might recognise the style of Weiden+Kennedy as they also created this year’s Coca Cola advert too.

The advert was filmed on period video camera and disposable cameras, to get that home-made sense of times gone by.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Who is the Sainsburys 2020 Christmas advert cast?

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking that the family in Gravy Song is a real-life one, like that of Sunny in the Asda ads, it is in fact a cast of actors.

Information on who plays them is scarce online but we can reveal that the leading man is Deenie Davies, who plays the dad. His Instagram is @deeniedavies.

The youngest version of the daughter is played by four-year-old Ademide Bodunde who has a popular Instagram with her sister called @busybees_sisters with 21k followers. Her slightly-older self is played by child actress Lauryn Jones.

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