The Master Chief Collection (better known as the MCC) on PC has been updated to include Halo 4, and fans are excited for a variety of new features and quality of life improvements that have been added alongside the game.

The Master Chief Collection had a rocky start at the beginning of its lifespan several years ago. Envisioned as a treasure trove of all the core Halo games, it’s taken a while for the collection to live up to this lofty goal.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has put a lot of work into the MCC, and the addition of Halo 4, as well as several helpful improvements, means that many fans are now thrilled with the collection as a whole.


What’s been added with Halo 4 to the MCC?

While the big news of the day is that Halo 4 is now finally included in the PC version of the MCC, the update also brings new features to both Steam and Xbox platforms alike.

One significant new feature is input-based crossplay between different platforms – not only can Xbox One or Series X players compete against PC players, but the game will match up opponents based on whether they’re using a keyboard and mouse or controller.

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PC players using a controller can play exclusivesly against Xbox players, while anyone playing on console with a mouse peripheral can fight against PC players. This makes for a more balanced crossplay experience.

Beyond this, there have been several quality of life improvements to the text system and UI not just in Halo 4 but across the MCC, as well as bug fixes. Plus, Xbox Series X players will be able to enjoy a lot of new features.


Playing the MCC on Xbox Series X

Those playing Halo 4 (or any other game in the MCC) on Xbox Series X will now be able to enjoy an improved framerate and screen resolution, and the same “enhanced” graphics settings that are available on PC.

Players will even be able to control their field of view, creating a more tailored experience depending on their television setup.

As is fairly standard across Series X games, the MCC now supports Quick Resume and Smart Delivery, meaning that the game should run smoothly with very little waiting time.

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