Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is the epic multiplayer follow up to what some are calling 2020’s single-player game of the year. You’ll be given the choice between four unique Ghosts, each with their own set of perks and abilities. Each Ghost then comes armed with an Ultimate ability that can drastically turn the tide of any battle.

Week 5 modifiers

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends releases a new ‘Nightmare’ Story and Survival Mission every week.

Week five features ‘The Veil Between Realms’ with ‘Deadly Melee’ as the Modifier. This will increase the melee damage output for all Ghosts AND enemies.

For survival, the Ghost will take on ‘The Shores of Vengeance’ modified by ‘Incapacitated’.

It’s a little convoluted as to what ‘Incapacitated’ does, but from what HITC can tell, it’s slowing the cooldown of your Ghost weapon.

The Ronin is the team healer, and equipping these items will boost success in this week’s Nightmare challenges.

Perks: Ronin unleashed, resolve increase and soothing breath

Players should be undoubtedly running Healing Incense as their Ronin class ability. Ronin Unleashed will decrease the cooldown of Healing Incense by 15%.

The Ronin’s ultimate ability, Breath of Izanami will heal all downed Ghosts from anywhere on the map. It will cost three resolve to launch (as all Ghost ultimates do). Having extra resolve slots via ‘Resolve Increase’ drastically increases the number of times the Ronin can pop their special and revive their teammates.

Not only will Breath of Izanami revive all fallen Ghosts, but having Soothing Breath equipped as perk three will fully heal them.

Gear and weapons

As mentioned, the ‘Incapacitated’ modifier will be slowing the cooldown of your Ghost weapons. You can offset this by modifying your Ghost weapons to have faster cooldowns (i.e increase cooldown on kill or Cooldown reduction) Sticky bombs and smoke bombs are by far the most useful. Smoke will allow players to critical strike enemies which will come in both survival and story.

As far as Charms go, you will want the equip a defense charm that ideally has ‘Resolve Increase’ as its perk. This will reduce a little bit of buffed damage coming from the nightmare story as well as keep you alive during survival.

Katana’s are completely up to player preference. You will want to try and find one (or modify one) to have increased resolve gains on melee damage.

With this Ronin class, you should be able to frequently heal your allies while maintaining some form of offensive presence.

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