Some major internal changes for Boruto have recently been announced, with Naruto’s original creator, Masashi Kishimoto, returning to the manga.

Whether it be manga, manhwa or even traditional graphic novels, the writer for each series has a vital role to play in how each edition is produced.

Every author pours their heart and soul into writing compelling stories that can engage millions of fans around the world for a number of years.

So, when there is a major change to the internal production team, especially regarding writers and illustrators, it can be a massive development for any particular series.

Over the past two days, it has been announced that the original creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, will be returning to the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga series.

Masashi Kishimoto returns to Boruto…

  • On November 16th, it was announced that the original creator of ‘Naruto’ Masashi Kishimoto would be returning to work on the Boruto manga series.

Following the conclusion of Kishimoto’s hit manga series ‘Naruto’ in 2014, Shueisha Inc asked the writer to immediately start working on a sequel series.

However, Kishimoto rejected the proposal and asked that his assistant Mikio Ikemoto produce the series instead; under the titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Over the past weekend, it has been revealed that Kishimoto will be returning to work on the Boruto manga and taking over the role of head writer from Ukyo Kodachi.

Kodachi said in a series of tweets that they had “finally decided to return the ‘BORUTO’ baton to the tags of Professor Kishimoto and Professor Ikemoto.”

When does Kishimoto start working on Boruto?

Masashi Kishimoto will be taking over the Boruto manga series on November 21st, following the international release of chapter 52.

This information was revealed by the ‘Shonen Jump News Unofficial’ Twitter page on November 16th. The tweet described the transition as Kishimoto “taking over storyboarding duties.”

It is currently unclear whether these internal changes to Boruto will alter the release schedule for upcoming chapters, i.e. whether the manga will remain a monthly issue or change to a weekly release.

Why is Kishimoto taking over Boruto?

The reason why Kishimoto will be taking over as the head writer for Boruto has not been officially revealed.

Kishimoto’s previous manga series ‘Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru’ concluded serialisation back in March 2020. This was the series that he initially declined Boruto for; indicating that Kishimoto’s return to Boruto may be solely down to his schedule now being relatively open.

There is also the view that with Boruto entering into a vital point in the story, with many fans expecting a major time skip in the coming chapters, this was the ideal moment to change back to the original production team.

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Mixed feelings globally…

There have been mixed feedback from fans of the Boruto manga, but it appears to be split based on international locations.

In the western world, the news has been mostly positive with ‘Boruto’ trending in multiple countries and fans appearing to be excited at this new development.

However, according to sources, the news has been received more negatively in Japan. Fan-favourite YouTuber ‘ForneverNews’ explains in his recent video that “the Japanese audience aren’t too thrilled, apparently they’re very upset about this.”

However, ForneverNews then explains how the Japanese fanbase didn’t particularly endorse the Boruto manga on a large-scale, with the series being far more popular outside of Japan. In fact, he shows an earnings report that reveals nearly 75% of the franchise’s earnings came from oversees.

Could this mean that these internal changes are because Boruto will now be targeted more towards international audiences than the Japanese fanbase? More information is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks, so keep checking back in for the latest updates.  

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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