Ateez are forced to promote as a seven-member group after member Mingi decided to halt all his activities, leaving fans concerned about the K-pop idol.

K-pop fans are known to be the most dedicated and loyal fans ever, so when their favourite group member is missing, you can guarantee there’s gonna be talks.

On their official fan cafe, K-Pop group Ateez announced that their rapper, Song Mingi, will be on a hiatus from all activities until further notice.

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Who are Ateez?

The group is an eight-member boy group formed in 2018 by KQ Entertainment. They debuted on October 24th, 2018 with EP ‘Treasure EP.1: All to Zero’ and toured in several cities in US and Europe – all dates were sold out.

Their latest EP release ‘Zero: Fever Part.1’ was a domestic success, becoming their first album to be awarded the platinum certification on the Korean Gaon Albums chart.

The members are:

  • Kim Hong-joong – leader
  • Park Seong-hwa – vocalist
  • Jeong Yun-ho – vocal
  • Kang Yeo-sang – performance
  • Choi San – vocal
  • Song Min-gi – rap & performance
  • Jung Woo-young – performance & vocal
  • Choi Jong-ho – main vocal

What happened to Mingi?

Don’t worry, Mingi has not left the group. KQ Entertainment explained that the idol is stopping all activities immediately to rest and heal, as he is suffering from psychological anxiety.

The singer met with doctors and they have advised him to focus on treatment to recover.

There is no date on when Mingi will be back to perform again, so stay updated through their social media.

Fans have been pouring out their support for the member on Twitter:

Mental Health in the K-Pop industry

Unfortunately, mental health problems are common within the industry, but at the same time, it is uncommon to talk or deal with the problem.

The biggest recent cases were SHINee’s Jong-hyun in December 2017, f(x)’s Sulli in October 2019 and Kara’s Hara in November 2019. The build up of continuous cyber-bullying throughout their careers took a toll on their mental health, leading to depression.

All three idols left suicide notes citing their struggle with their mental health, which is unsurprising, as idols have to endure the tough trainee days where they are constantly criticised by their superiors.

Here’s hoping Mingi gets better soon!

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