Why has John Tesh been trending on Twitter? Let’s unpack what tweets have sent the platform into overdrive.

John Tesh has won six Emmys, two Grammy nominations, four gold albums and an Associated Press award but nothing come close to trending on Twitter now, does it?

John Tesh is an American pianist and composer of pop music, but also hosts hugely popular radio and TV shows. His Intelligence for Your Life radio show airs on over 300 stations, and he also famously co-hosted Entertainment Tonight until 1996.

After the musician and radio-host announced he would be departing from the social media platform in favour for Parler, Twitter couldn’t help but make jokes at his expense.

“Meet me over at parler.com. @johntesh and say goodbye to viciousness and censorship,” he tweeted. His account is since deleted.

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What is Parler?

You’d be forgiven for having no idea what Parler is, seeing as it was only introduced in 2018. We have an in-depth explainer article on the platform here, but in short it’s a new social media app.

Similar to Twitter it has upvotes and echo features which resemble the like and retweet button. The app values free-speech and has a strict no-moderation policy.

The app itself is non-partisan but has undoubtedly become associated with right-wing users, with many of Trump’s staff and Republican politicians on the app, including Eric Trump and Ted Cruz.

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Does John Tesh support Trump?

It’s unclear what way John Tesh sways politically as he’s always been relatively non-partisan on his social media accounts.

In 2018, he posted a memorial post for a Republican politician John McCain. Of course this doesn’t mean he necessarily votes that way politically.

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Twitter’s reaction to John Parler’s tweet

It wouldn’t be Twitter if users didn’t make jokes about the departure, and users truly puller through with the comments.

Many people joked that they didn’t realise he was on Twitter until now. “John Tesh left Twitter on the same day most people realized he was on Twitter,” tweeted one user.

“John Tesh deleted his Twitter account and went to Parler. Serious question, did anyone know he was on Twitter?” tweeted another.

Others claimed that there didn’t exist any ‘censoring’ or ‘viciousness’ on Tesh’ twitter account:

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