Twitter reports that Selena Gomez is currently dating Jimmy Butler, but is it true and who is he? Here’s all the info we know.

Everyone loves a bit of gossip, especially celebrity gossip and their dating news. Selena Gomez has always had a harsh spotlight on her private life, from Justin Bieber to The Weeknd.

Now that she reportedly has a new man, fans are jumping on it to get all the deets.

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Are Selena Gomez and Jimmy Butler dating?

Sorry Selenators, don’t get too ready to ship the pair yet because there is no confirmation that the rumour is true. No pictures, no nothing.

These rumours began on Twitter when a user tweeted:

According to his bio, Chris is a “NFL and NBA insider” but there is no indication to prove his legitimacy.

Chris’ evidence-lacking tweet seemed very unconvincing so fans launched into finding more trustworthy sources:

They have apparently found another witness but we’re still unconvinced. Until we see photos or suspicious social media interaction, we’re not falling for it, and neither are some fans:

Who is Jimmy Butler?

The 31-year-old from Houston, Texas is a NBA player for Miami Heat.

His professional career began 2011 with Chicago Bulls until 2017, where he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves for one year. After that, he left for the Philadelphia 76ers before landing at Miami Heat.

In terms of dating history, Jimmy shares daughter Rylee with model Kaitlin Nowak, who was born in October 2019. The NBA does not often speak about his private life, so it is unknown whether the pair are still together.

There were also some rumours and photos of Jimmy hanging out with Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell, but both parties had never confirmed it at the time.

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