Pokémon Go has been testing the ability to trade remotely within a 12km radius, but this is simply a series of limited-time tests which will conclude for the first time on Monday. While plenty of trainers are hoping that the feature will become a permanent one, fans needn’t forget that they are able to get a Shiny Electabuzz on Sunday. Here you’ll discover how to get Shiny Electabuzz and evolve it into Electivire with Flamethrower during the upcoming community day event.

There are two community days during November, and the other will star Magmar on November 21st. This will include Magby, and it will also allow trainers to transform Magmar into a Magmortar that knows Thunderbolt.

While Magmar is something to look forward to in the very near future, below you’ll discover how to get Shiny Electabuzz in Pokémon Go on Sunday, and how to evolve it into an Electivire that knows Flamethrower.

How to get Shiny Electabuzz in Pokémon Go during community day

You have from 11:00 until 17:00 local time on November 15th to get a Shiny Electabuzz in Pokémon Go during community day.

During the Electabuzz community day, the creature will be appearing more frequently in the Wild of Pokémon Go and a Shiny will be available to get for those who are lucky.

In addition to the above prospect, the community day will also boast Elekid who will be hatching from 2km Eggs.

Furthermore, there will also be exclusive Timed Research and Field Research tasks available to complete, and these will offer Sinnoh Stones plus other items.

And a Sinnoh Stone is necessary to evolve Electabuzz.

How to evolve Electabuzz into Electivire in Pokémon Go

You need 100 Electabuzz candy and one Sinnoh Stone to evolve the creature into Electivire in Pokémon Go.

Trainers will be able to evolve Electabuzz into an Electivire that knows Flamethrower in Pokémon Go on November 21st from 11:00 until 19:00.

Although the community day ends at 17:00, Niantic say that players have up until two hours after the event to complete the aforementioned transformation.

Check out Niantic’s blog post for everything about the Electabuzz community day.