As we begin the lead-up to Christmas, some shoppers want to know where the Waitrose Christmas advert 2020 is —see it here!

This year’s Waitrose advert is actually a collaborative one with John Lewis and is a two-minute film made up of nine vignettes from eight artists. Each part captures an act of kindness, which inspires the next character’s act of kindness, and so on.

Titled Give a Little Love, The 2020 John Lewis Christmas advert is online already but will air on TV on Saturday, November 14th, night during The Voice on ITV.

The advert aims to raise awareness and donations for this year’s two chosen charities – HomeStart and FareShare.

See the 2020 Waitrose and John Lewis Christmas ad here:

Where does Waitrose come into it?

Unbeknown to some, the advert is actually a collaborative one with Waitrose and it’s actually credited as a Waitrose & John Lewis one, rather than just the latter.

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Although you’d be forgiven for mistaking the advert for a John Lewis one alone, eagle-eyed viewers may have already spotted the animated Waitrose bag in one John Lewis Christmas advert scene.

The snowmen who do a socially distanced home delivery to a neighbour drop off Waitrose bags on their doorstep.

Image of John Lewis ad via YouTube

Why have they joined forces for the 2020 Christmas advert?

Waitrose is the sister company of John Lewis, meaning they both come under the John Lewis Partnerships umbrella.

It’s the second year in a row that John Lewis and Waitrose have released an advert between them. Last year’s successful Excitable Edgar dragon advert was their first joint enterprise in Christmas adverts.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ve decided to continue the tradition for the 2020 Christmas advert, as John Lewis Partnership announced in October that they planned to cut up to 1,500 jobs in order to join closer with Waitrose without any job crossovers.

Viewers’ reactions to the John Lewis and Waitrose crossover

Some viewers had no idea the advert was a collaboration

Viewers who were disappointed by the 2020 Christmas advert expressed their hope that it was just a Waitrose one.

Of course some viewers loved the advert regardless:

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