Ken Walker’s twin brother has spoken on theories that it’s him in the newly-surfaced ‘cheating’ video. “That’s him not me,” he says.

This YouTube scandal has started where most online dramas do — The Shade Room. In a video posted to the account, an individual that they allege to be Ken Walker is seen in a car park with a female, noticeably being very tactile with her.

Of course this would be no issue for fans, if he didn’t run a hugely popular YouTube channel with his fiancé. Ken is engaged to De’arra and runs DK4L with her, which has 3m subscribers.

Ken and De’arra got engaged in 2019 in Santorini, Greece.

However, some fans made the logical suggestion that it could be Ken Walker’s twin brother, Kris in the video.

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What has his twin brother said?

Kris Walker outright disputed any claims that it was him in the video and not Ken.

“Yes, that’s my twin brother sadly to say,” Kris responded to a fan asking if it was Kris.

When another fan asked how many times Ken had allegedly cheated, he responded: “Idk tbh, that’s him not me.”

Twin Kris Walker also went live on Instagram and said of the incident: “That’s hella crazy, I can’t believe my own twin brother literally got caught, I can’t believe that.”

Many fans noted in the comments how unsurprised he sounded when discussing the video. “He don’t even sound shocked, bye,” commented one fan.

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Who is Ken Walker’s twin brother?

Kris Walker is of course the same age as his twin brother, 22-year-old.

He has 15,000 followers on Instagram with his handle @gaia_blue. His TikTok username is @kriswalker12 but he doesn’t post as regularly on there.

He’s a gamer and sometime live-streams on his gaming YouTube channel Gaia Blue.

It’s unclear what kind of relationship the twin brothers have, but Ken doesn’t follow Kris on Instagram currently.

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Who is in the video?

Although neither parties have confirmed it’s them in the video, Elijah Pierce, the husband of the alleged woman in the video, Morgan Pierce, took to Instagram to express his hurt.

In an Instagram Live he claims it is her in the video and that he is getting a divorce. However he also says that she insists nothing happened between her and Ken.

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