It’s been over a year since Kakegurui season 2 premiered, but what do we know so far about season 3 and when it could release around the world?

Waiting for your favourite series to return is something that anime all fans are used to.

However, sometimes when it has been a long time since a season concluded and there hasn’t been any official news concerning the future of a series, fans can get worried that their favourite series may never resume.

The second instalment of Kakegurui, titled XX, folded in March 2019, but will the hit anime return for season 3 and if so, when?

Will there be a season 3 of Kakegurui?

  • At the time of writing, Kakegurui has not been renewed for a third season by either MAPPA, Netflix or the series’ Japanese networks.

Whilst an official announcement regarding season 3 has not been made, fans are confident that the gambling anime will return for at least one more season. This is because anime renewals typically depend on two factors; popularity and source material.

Thankfully, Kakegurui remains an incredibly popular show with millions of fans around the world. The series is currently scoring a 66% on Rotten Tomatoes, 7.2/10 on IMDB and 7.46 on MyAnimeList – which is certainly popular enough to merit a third season.

The popularity of Kakegurui has been aided by the Netflix release, bringing the series to a new global audience and becoming one of the flagship original anime titles on the platform.

Then we have the source material, i.e. the manga series that the anime adapted. The manga series is still ongoing with volume 13 (totalling 75 chapters) releasing back in June in Japan and likely releasing in English later this year.

It is highly probable that Kakegurui’s popularity around the world will be enough to convince the animation studio to produce another season. However, they will likely have to wait until they feel like enough source material in the manga has been published – which could hold up an official renewal.

Kakegurui season 3 release date…

Unfortunately, as Kakegurui is yet to be officially renewed, a release date for season 3 has not been revealed by either the production team or the networks.

As previously stated, the most likely factor that could influence when Kakegurui season 3 premieres would be the source material, i.e. when is enough of the manga releases for production to start?

According to Monsters and Critics, volume 15 of the manga will need to be released before MAPPA can start properly animating the third season – this assuming the series will not deviate from the manga’s storyline.

Based on the schedule that previous content has released, chapters every month and volumes two or three times a year, fans should bet on the anime returning in late-2021.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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