John Lewis just released their long-awaited 2020 Christmas advert, and it’s certainly very heartwarming. It’s subtly themed around Covid-19, and there are a few pandemic references that you might have missed.

The most exciting day in the festive calendar is here. The John Lewis Christmas ad has finally been released, which means Christmas is officially getting close. It’s a little different this year, and as expected, odes to life during Covid-19.

John Lewis have themed the advert around the importance of kindness and helping others during the pandemic. However, it doesn’t overtly make reference to the virus, and instead makes its references very discrete.

Here are 7 hidden coronavirus messages that you may have missed.

1. The shops

The first hidden reference to Covid-19 comes with the shops.

At first glance, it looks as though it’s only the ‘essential’ shops that are open, which are the pharmacy and opticians in the middle, an ode to the two lockdowns the UK has been through.

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However, when you look closer, it’s clear that the ‘scarf hut’ shop is actually open, referencing a time where Covid restrictions are being relaxed and a return to some sort of normality is slowly underway.

2. Delivering the food shopping

One of the biggest coronavirus messages occurs when the snowman and snow-woman buy a bag of shopping in Waitrose and deliver it to the old man.

They leave the bag on the doorstep, perhaps signifying that he is shielding from Covid and unable to leave the house.

The shopping bag is also shaped like a heart, representing the love they are sending to him in such a dark and uncertain time.

3. The old man living on his own

Similar to the last reference, another hidden Covid message occurs with the old man who is living on his own.

Again, it appears as though he’s alone due to the coronavirus, and he has a certain sadness about him, perhaps having lost his significant other to the virus.

The man who lives next door to him then gives him a really long Christmas cracker through the window which they pull together, and a burst of love fills the screen.

4. The hearts

Throughout the advert, there a number of different hidden references of love, expressed through the hearts.

First, the girl’s umbrella is heart-shaped, then the balloon that the boy blows up and gives to the snowman is shaped like a heart, the car wheels are hearts and then the boy goes to get a haircut and they cut it into a heart.

These symbols are the focal point of the advert, putting across the message that with Covid it is even more important than usual to spread love to each other.

5. Acts of kindness

Similar to the hearts, another coronavirus message that is obvious throughout the advert are the little acts of kindness.

A few examples include the girl helping the boy get his ball when it’s stuck in the tree, the snowman giving some of his body to the family to fix their car wheel and the pigeon giving the hedgehog his hat and letting him join in with their fun.

The advert reflects the huge importance of expressing random acts of kindness amid Covid-19.

6. The NHS lanyard

If you look closely during the train scene, one of the passengers is actually wearing what appears to be an NHS lanyard.

Despite it being Christmas, she is presumably on her way to work whilst everyone else is enjoying the festivities, a reference to the huge sacrifices NHS staff have made for us during the pandemic.

She also uses the heart on her apple to help fix the other girl’s glasses, signifying another act of kindness.

7. The blue cross and name

If it wasn’t already clear enough that the woman on the train was wearing a nurse lanyard, the advert zooms in on the name badge, revealing a blue medical cross.

It also focuses on her name ‘Selina’. Whilst this doesn’t have any direct link to the coronavirus, it does still spread a significant message.

By giving her a name, the advert is making it seem more personal, referencing the fact that NHS workers are real people who are keeping the country going during the pandemic.

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