The Xbox Series X has reached its launch day, and potential customers everywhere are desperate to find stores where the console might be in stock.

Stock levels are going to fluctuate throughout launch day, and while some places may be able to allocate additional stock as the day progresses, it’s more likely that today is a good day to get a new pre-order, as many retailers are again signing up waiting lists, having cleared out their existing stock allocations.

Many retailers are offering pre-orders that could be fulfilled before Christmas, but whether you’re trying your luck buying the Xbox Series X at launch, or signing up for a console at a later date, beware: all options are running out fast.


Where is the Xbox Series X still in stock?

At the time of writing, in the US, the best place to find remaining Xbox Series X and Series S stock is GameStop. The website has experienced difficulties today, crashing repeatedly due to the number of visitors. Target and Best Buy have also had launch day stock available, but these resources seem to have sold out.

With everyone searching online, your best bet is actually to visit a local store. It’s been reported that GameStops do have additional stock allocated that have not been reserved for pre-order, and with less competition in your local area, there’s a chance you’ll get lucky – you can phone the store directly ahead of time to check stock levels.

In the United Kingdom, most online retailers including Currys, Game, and John Lewis, have had stock available earlier in the day, but most are sold out of Xbox Series X. If you’re looking for a Series S, the Microsoft Store has them in stock at the time of writing, as does John Lewis.

As in the US, British customers should check local shops that are remaining open through the current lockdown as there are unconfirmed reports that local retailers are getting some slim allocations.


When will the Xbox Series X be back in stock?

The next day when the Xbox Series X will be back in stock in large numbers for most retailers will by Black Friday on November 27.

Several stores, including Best Buy, are deliberately holding back stock for the event, and while the Series X’s price won’t be reduced, the big draw will be the fact that it will actually be available for purchase.

In the UK, Game is currently taking Xbox Series X pre-orders with a release date of December 18 – this is likely the next date that the website will have the console in stock.

The Xbox Series X stock levels will fluctuate over the next few months, according to Microsoft. There won’t be an immediate end to reduced stock going into 2021, so anybody who wants one will need to work fast.

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