A shocking video has gone viral on TikTok that shows that McDonald’s cup sizes are actually all exactly the same, but social media users think it’s fake.

Everyone has their go-to McDonald’s order. Whether it’s a double cheeseburger, a sweet chilli wrap, a quarter pounder or five chicken selects, there’s something to suit everybody.

Once you’ve chosen your order, there’s only one more decision to make. Will it be a medium meal or a large? That big portion of chips and large drink is just too tempting, and large always wins by a mile.

But what if we told you that all of the drink sizes are the same, and if you order that large cup, you’re actually getting exactly the same amount of drink, and you’re paying more.

A TikTok video has been going viral that explains exactly that, and it’s sparked some serious outrage online.

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McDonald’s cup size TikTok goes viral

A video that was posted by a McDonald’s employee back in March 2020 is going viral in November, and it’s causing a stir.

The short video shows TikTok user @mykah.mykah claim that the three McDonald’s cup sizes, small, medium and large, are actually all the same, and by paying for a large drink you’re actually wasting your money – and he tries to prove it.

Whilst at work, he places all three cup sizes in front of him, and the small one is already filled to the top with coke. He pours all of the drink from the small cup into the medium-sized cup, and it seems to fill up to the top. Then, he puts the drink into the large cup, and again, it fills up to the top.

The video has had 11.9 million views and 1.6 million likes, and has gone viral on social media. But whilst the video has blown the mind of millions, lots of people think it’s fake.

Is it true?

The TikTok video has raised a lot of questions as internet users struggle to believe that the cup size theory is actually true, and a lot of people claim to have debunked the video.

It’s had over 12,000 comments, with people exposing the McDonald’s worker for allegedly faking the video, but how?

Well, people are claiming that he never showed the bottom of the cups, so it’s likely that the larger cups were already filled with a bit of coke, so when he poured the drink over it, it appeared to be filled up.

One comment said “you maybe put coke in before you started”, whilst another said “liquid in them already”. A third person commented “there was already coke in the cup”.

Did @mykah.mykah just create the biggest internet hoax of 2020?

Always ask for no ice

Whether the McDonald’s cup video is real or not is actually completely irrelevant, because there’s no ice.

Unless you ask for it without, your McDonald’s drink will always come with a lot of ice, which means you will have much less drink in your cup anyway.

The only way to truly get the most drink from McDonald’s is to order a large drink with no ice – that’s the real hack!

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