Does Austin Abrams have a girlfriend? Let’s take a moment to consider the actor’s dating life and relationships as fan curiosity grows.

The 2010s saw a wealth of stars make a name for themselves on our screens and one such individual is Austin Abrams.

He first appeared in the 2011 film Ticking Clock but soon went on to star in the likes of 2013’s Gangster Squad, The Kings of Summer and Paper Towns.

However, the younger actor landed on many audiences’ radar when he tackled the role of Ron Anderson in the popular TV series The Walking Dead, reprising the part between 2015 and 2016.

Since then, he has continued to blaze a trail in such films as Brad’s Status, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Chemical Hearts and celebrated TV titles like Euphoria and This is Us.

Now, fans are flocking to see him in the new series Dash & Lily (he plays the titular Dash) over on Netflix, which sees him cast alongside Midori Francis.

Inevitably, the actor’s admirers have been compelled to speculate his private life.

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Does Austin Abrams have a girlfriend?

  • It’s uncertain whether Austin Abrams has a girlfriend or not as the actor has previously emphasised that he wishes to keep his personal life private. Let’s explain…

This is highlighted by PopBuzz.

SugerFries reinforces this, noting that the 24-year-old screen actor hasn’t been linked with anybody romantically in the past.

However, the previous source does include some insight into Austin’s perspective on love and relationships: “Work on yourself as a person. If you love yourself… have yourself a little bit figured out before you get into a relationship so that you can then love another person.”

Perhaps his desire to keep his love life a secret will change down the line. For now, though, it looks like Austin could be single and focusing on his career, as Dating Celebs does identify his relationship status as single.

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Is Austin Abrams on Instagram?

In keeping with the idea of Austin maintaining a private life, you won’t find the actor over on Instagram.

On the other hand, there is a fan page which his admirers may argue as an essential to be following.

You can find it over at @austinabramsfans; the page currently boasts an impressive 9,549 followers.

He doesn’t have TikTok or Twitter either but previously explained his stance on social media in an interview with Coup De Main, as highlighted by Capital FM:

“In the beginning, I remember having Facebook when I was thirteen and thinking ‘What am I gonna say?’ I didn’t know what to talk about.”

A secretive man indeed!

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