In the latest mass migration to newer social media platforms, you might have seen posts mentioning Parler on Facebook. So, what actually is Parler?

In response to allegations of content censorship on social media platforms, some users have made the decision to migrate to new digital stomping-grounds, such as Parler

On November 5th, Facebook removed a group named Stop The Steal from its site because it was causing “the delegitimisation of the election process”. Also, according to Facebook, group members had made “worrying calls for violence”.

The group was created in support of Trump’s claims of election fraud by the Democrat party and contained posts about conspiracy theories on the topic.

“Stop the Steal” had gained around 365,000 members before it was finally taken down. In response, some group members decided to take their business, or in this case data, elsewhere. So, they migrated to Parler.

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What is Parler on Facebook?

Parler is a social media app created in 2018. The app reportedly gained 4 million users this year alone, and grew by 1 million in the past week. Users can up-vote and “echo” posts, functions mirroring the retweet feature on Twitter or the share button on Facebook.

The app prides itself on its celebration of free speech and dubs itself a “non-biased free speech-driven entity”. Parler doesn’t believe in moderating content, telling The Verge that they believe misinformation harms the reputation of the person spreading it and so they trust the system and not the outliers.

“It is not Parler’s job to weigh in on political matters. We believe in free speech and fair elections. Period,” said co-founder John Matze. Although the site wasn’t created with the intent of being particularly conservative, it is undeniably dominated by Republican users.

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Parler’s Republican history

Although the site has received an influx of new users who have migrated over from Facebook, Trump officials and Republican figures have long been using the app.

In June, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tweeted: “It’s about time y’all joined me on @parler_app. What’s taking the rest of you so long?!”

According to Business Insider, Eric Trump, Ted Cruz, ad Rudy Giuliani all have accounts on Parler too.

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