The Queen’s Gambit arrived on Netflix on October 23rd but fans have been left asking “is The Queen’s Gambit a true story?”

Netflix release tens, if not hundreds, of original films and TV series throughout the year.

Most will often go fairly unnoticed and will disappear into the endless depths of Netflix’s content library once something new arrives.

However, in the case of The Queen’s Gambit, the Netflix drama has risen to the top of Netflix’s top trending releases and has stayed there since it arrived on October 23rd.

The series’ success stems from its gripping story, enthralling characters, fascinating setting and heart-racing portrayal of chess.

But a question on the minds of many fans is whether or not The Queen’s Gambit is a true story.

The Queen’s Gambit | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit arrived on Netflix on October 23rd, 2020.

The seven-episode limited series tells the story of Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) who is an orphaned chess prodigy.

We follow Beth from her childhood until she becomes a young adult and one of the best chess players in the world.

However, while Beth competes in several high-stakes matches to become a Grandmaster, her biggest opponent is herself as she struggles with addiction.


Is The Queen’s Gambit a true story?

  • No, The Queen’s Gambit is not a true story.

The Queen’s Gambit is based on the book of the same name by Walter Tevis (The Man Who Fell to Earth and The Color of Money) which is a fictional work.

However, while The Queen’s Gambit novel maybe a piece of fictional writing, many of the book’s characters and events are believed to be inspired by real-life characters and events.


The real-life inspirations for The Queen’s Gambit

The biggest inspiration behind The Queen’s Gambit was the author, Walter Tevis’s, own experiences as a “class C” chess player.

This is alluded to in the author’s notes in The Queen’s Gambit which makes reference to chess Grandmasters Robert Fischer, Boris Spassky and Anatoly Karpov who were “a source of delight to players like myself for years.”

Tevis’s reference to chess prodigy Robert Fischer is especially pertinent as his aggressive style of play is very much likened to that of Beth Harmon.

On top of that, Robert Fischer was crowned chess world champion during the Cold War, against a Russian opponent, Boris Spassky, drawing another similarity to the events of The Queen’s Gambit.

The Queen’s Gambit is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on Netflix on October 23rd, 2020.

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