Spider-Man Miles Morales is coming out in just a few days and the reviews have been largely positive with some dubbing it “blockbuster gaming at its breeziest and best“. While the reviews have been positive in regard to almost everything, consumers are concerned about how long it will take to beat the game. This has resulted in people asking how long is Spider-Man Miles Morales, and here you’ll find the consensus online about its campaign length.

If you’re not getting the PS5 at launch due to financial reasons or because pre-orders online were infamously chaotic, you’ll be relieved to hear that Spider-Man Miles Morales still looks stunning on PS4.

For those of you who are pumped to wear a skin-tight suit once again while web-slinging through a snowy playground, below you’ll discover how long it is reported to beat the upcoming game’s campaign.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Announcement Trailer | PS5

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Announcement Trailer | PS5

How long to beat Spider-Man Miles Morales?

Spider-Man Miles Morales is reportedly 8-10 hours long to beat.

While it will reportedly take the above amount of hours to beat the campaign, Spider-Man Miles Morales is said to also be 15-20 hours long for completionists.

Some people have reported completing the story in 7-hours by just going from mission to mission without much dilly-dallying, but – overall – the consensus is that the game is far shorter than Peter Parker’s experience.

Seeing as the experience is shorter than what most people now expect from AAA games, it’s understandable that some are now debating amongst themselves about whether they should buy the game at launch or wait for a discount.

Spider-Man Miles Morales is priced at £49.99 on PS4 and PS5 with an Ultimate Edition that costs £69.99.

While Miles Morales is undoubtedly shorter than Marvel’s Spider-Man and only slightly cheaper at launch, you should know that the reviews have been mostly positive with some proclaiming that the shorter length has eliminated most of the tedious filler that was found in Peter Parker’s adventure.

The estimated hours for how long to beat Spider-Man Miles Morales come from IGN and Gamespot.