His Dark Materials has finally returned for season 2 but where was the BBC and HBO series filmed? What filming locations were used for Cittagazze?

His Dark Materials captured the imagination when it first arrived on our screens in November 2019.

Fans instantly fell in love with the series for its high-flying fantasy elements and awe-inspiring locations and the same will hopefully be the case again for season 2.

We pick up shortly after the finale of season 1 which saw Lyra journey through the window between worlds after it was opened by Lord Asriel and she finds herself in the seemingly deserted world of Cittàgazze.

But just where was season 2 of His Dark Materials filmed? Are the Cittàgazze filming locations real?

The countdown to new His Dark Materials is ON! | Series 2 Trailer | BBC Trailers

The countdown to new His Dark Materials is ON! | Series 2 Trailer | BBC Trailers

His Dark Materials season 2 on the BBC and HBO

Season 2 of His Dark Materials arrived on BBC One on November 8th, 2020, just over a year season 1 made its debut. HBO viewers will be tuning in from November 16th.

The final scene of His Dark Materials’ first series saw Lyra enter a mystical tower of light that Lord Asriel opened up with the sacrifice of the loveable and unfortunate Roger Parslow.

In the opening episode of season 2, we join Lyra on the other side of that window in a mysterious new world, Cittàgazze, where she encounters another lost wanderer, Will Parry.


Where was His Dark Materials season 2 filmed?

  • His Dark Materials season 2 was filmed primarily at Wolf Studios in Wales.

That’s right, rather than venturing off to the far-flung corners of the world, His Dark Materials and most notably the new location of Cittàgazze, was actually filmed in Wales.

That’s because His Dark Materials is made in-part by the Cardiff-based Bad Wolf production company which has access to studios in the Welsh capital.

Filming throughout seasons 1 and 2 also took place in Oxford, where both Lyra and Will are from, London, Bristol and Wales’s Brecon Beacons according to IMDb.


Creating Cittàgazze

The central location in season 2’s opening episode is the world of Cittàgazze, a beautiful and ancient city that looks like it belongs somewhere on the Mediterranean coast.

Speaking to the RadioTimes, production designer and executive producer Joel Collins explained: “I looked at 120 different towns, went by Bonn, France, Italy, Morrocco, Croatia, Spain other kinds of European places.”

However, none of them quite fit the bill and wouldn’t have allowed for the extensive shooting required to film the deserted city.

As a result, an enormous set was constructed at Wolf Studios in Cardiff, made from plaster and wood, where His Dark Materials’ production team could create a world more befitting of Philip Pullman’s novels.


His Dark Materials season 2 His Dark Materials continues weekly on BBC One and iPlayer after premiering on November 8th while HBO viewers can tune in to the new season from November 16th.

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