Does Alex Trebek have children? TV personality and game show host Alex Trebek passed away on 8th November 2020. Celebrities and news outlets have been sending their condolences to Trebek’s family all day, leaving fans wondering who the host is survived by.

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The official Twitter account of Jeopardy!, the game show that Alex Trebek had been presenting for 36 years, confirmed the passing of the host yesterday.

Born in Ontario, Canada in 1940, Alex has had several health complications over the last 13 years, when he suffered a minor heart attack in 2007, and needed to take time off his role in January 2018 after a fall.

Then, in March 2019, the host made a major announcement, revealing that he was suffering from stage IV pancreatic cancer. He took time off again to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

Alex Trebek passed away in his Los Angeles Home.

Does Alex Trebek have children?

The Jeopardy! host is survived by his wife, Jean Currivan, and his two biological children, Matthew (age 30) and Emily (age 27). He also left behind adopted daughter Nicky, who is ex wife Elaine Callei’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Nicky was 6 years old when her mother married Trebek in 1974, meaning that she is currently 52 years old.

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What do we know about Emily Trebek?

According to her Instagram, Emily is a designer and builder and has her own interior design studio called E&S Interiors, based in Los Angeles. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2015 and is an estate agent under Compass – she has been involved in million-dollar house deals all over California.

In a story on the Jeopardy! website, we can see that Emily had a very close relationship to her father. They often redecorated houses together and Alex’s expertise on carpentry came in very handy for these projects.

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Who is Alex Trebek’s son?

The game show host has one son, Matthew.

Matthew studied at Fordham University and currently works as a restauranteur in NYC. He has 3 businesses – Mexican restaurant Oso, Pizza By Lucille and Lucille’s Coffee and Cocktails.

Who is Nicky Trebeck?

Alex’s adopted daughter Nicky had a close relationship with her step-father, since she took his name when her mum remarried.

Like her father, she works on Jeopardy! but behind the camera, as part of the production staff.

As well as designing for her fashion label ROCK IDOL clothing, Nicky is a singer songwriter, though she has not released any original music in a long time. You can listen here!

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