As Eva Longoria faces backlash for her comments on MSNBC, which some Twitter users dubbed “anti-Black”, viewers compared the situation to one Dascha Polanco has been in recently. What exactly did Polanco say?

While speaking on MSNBC, some of Eva Longoria’s comments about Black and Latina women voters were perceived negatively as putting Black women down.

Some viewers were most disappointed by what they perceived to be another celebrity with “anti-Black” views, and made comparisons to both Dascha Polanco and Gina Rodriguez. So, where do the comparisons come from?

Who is Dascha Polanco?

The actress is 37 and most known for her role as Daya in Orange is the New Black. She’s also had notable roles in films like The Irishman and Joy.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Dascha Polanco moved to the United States at a young age and identifies as Afro-Latina. She has a daughter and a son, and her daughter even played the younger version of her character in Orange is the New Black.

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Why was Dascha Polanco “cancelled” on Twitter?

The Eva Longoria comparisons on Twitter aren’t the first time Polanco has found herself in allegedly anti-Black discourses on Twitter.

The gif she tweeted after the election

In response to finding out Joe Biden had won the election, Dascha tweeted on November 7th saying : “This is my mood right now!!!! @kamalaharris @joebiden #JOEBIDEN2020 #KamalaHarrisVP” alongside a gif of a topless African woman in traditional garb dancing.

The tweet is now deleted, but many users felt the gif was inappropriate as the woman in it was dressed in tribal wear and performing a traditional dance.

“Dascha Polanco need to delete her tweet man,” tweeted one user.

Comments on Black Emmy nominations

In July, Dascha also some garnered negative reactions a Twitter comment on the Emmy award nominations.

Actor John Leguizamo first tweeted saying: “Why can’t we Latinx have a piece of the pie? We are the largest ethnic group in America and missing as if we didn’t exist!” with a link to a LA Times article on the lack of Latino representation among nominees.

Polanco responded to the tweet with: “If Its (sic) only us speaking up on it, no one cares. It’s the silence from those that fight for equality but only their equality. Diversity but Diverse enough to include thyself That mentality of ‘As long as I’m good; I don’t see a damn thing.'”

Many users took her tweet to be aimed at Black people specifically when referring to “those that fight for equality”.

However, Dascha later claified with a follow-up tweet:

After her second tweet, the actress reportedly posted a since-deleted video on her Instagram saying:

“It was not shading our Black community. Blackness is in my DNA as a Dominican, as an Afro-Latina, as a whole. What I’m referring to is, we cannot sit here and say we are snubbed and write these articles and all these kinds of things when we ourselves are not doing our due diligence to create the work, to create the opportunities.” 

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