Roadkill comes to an end on BBC One on November 8th but fans have been left with questions about the drama’s ending which needs to be explained.

The world of politics has always been filled with game players and that’s especially the case in volatile times as key figures manoeuvre themselves into positions of power.

It’s only right therefore that BBC One has brought Roadkill to our screens as it centres of the most conniving game-player of them all.

Throughout the four-episode series, we’ve followed Peter Laurence as he’s attempted deal with the endless skeletons in his closet while positioning himself to take the top job.

But in episode 4 does he finally become prime minister or do the secrets of his past keep Peter Laurence out of Downing Street? Either way, the ending of Roadkill needs to be explained.

Roadkill: Trailer – BBC

Roadkill: Trailer – BBC

Roadkill on BBC One

Roadkill arrived on BBC One on October 18th, 2020 with episodes also streaming on BBC iPlayer.

The four-episode series, which is written by David Hare (Collateral) and stars Hugh Laurie in its lead role, tells the story of Peter Laurence.

He is a high-ranking politician with even loftier ambitions whose professional and private lives are on the verge of collapse.

A host of scandalous secrets cloud Peter’s past and with enemies all around, his attempts to win the ultimate prize may easily be thwarted.


Roadkill’s ending: The key players

Simply put, the ending of Roadkill sees Peter Laurence become the UK’s prime minister but just how does he manage it?

Like any political game-playing, there are several key figures involved.

The show’s original prime minister, Dawn Ellison, is facing a vote of no confidence when we meet her in episode 4 after a compromising email was leaked. Dawn spends much of the episode searching for the culprit but the chief suspect, private secretary Julia, denies it.

Julia, however, has recently had a meeting with think-tank boss Adam De Banzie who promised big things for Julia if she was to help nudge Dawn out of Number 10.

That’s because Adam De Banzie and British-American think-tank colleague Trevor Quinn have a vested interest in seeing Peter Laurence as prime minister as he’s previously helped pave the way for privatisation of the NHS, earning huge consultancy fees in the process.

More closet skeletons threaten to emerge as Peter learns his third daughter, Rose Dietal, who he previously had no knowledge of. Rose’s existence and status as a prisoner are potentially a huge stumbling block but with the right execution, Peter reveals his secret daughter to surprise acclaim.

The last hurdle Peter has to clear before making a bid for Downing Street is the work of Rochelle Madeley, a lawyer who is looking into Peter’s involvement into the death of journalist Charmian Pepper, who seemingly died in a traffic accident.

The evidence she has about Peter’s potential involvement is not published by the press as the newspaper editor she has contacted is pressured into dropping the story over fears of losing his job and Rochelle, who is keen to further her career rather herself, has no choice but to let it slide.


Falling into place, almost

This all leaves the door open for Peter Laurence to make his bid to become prime minister and in an “eight weeks later” flashforward, he’s done it after being voted in by his party.

Peter is almost jumping for joy when walking into Number 10 for the first time as PM but a conversation with his wife, Helen, leaves a dampener on things.

That’s because Peter had set up an off-shore business to deal with his think-tank payments but there’s one small problem, the business, Stanfield Titles, is in his wife’s name.

To banish this final skeleton from the closet, Peter hopes his wife will sign to have the company dissolved.

However, she doesn’t.

This means that Peter still has this last little detail tying him to his shady past and any prospect of the company becoming public knowledge could easily derail his career, leaving him with a stern look as the credits roll.

Roadkill is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer with the final episode airing on BBC One on Sunday, November 8th.

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