Is The Green Knight release date confirmed? Let’s look into when the A24 movie is expected to come out. The cast is stacked!

What is your favourite decade for cinema?

Strong arguments can be made in favour of pretty much any decade in which the medium has been alive.

However, some audiences will be compelled to argue a case for the 2010s, citing a wealth of exciting and intriguing films. Of the bunch, we’re sure that A24 would pop up again and again.

The American independent entertainment company was founded back in 2012 and so many of the previous decade’s biggest indie hits were released under their banner.

Efforts like The Lighthouse, Hereditary, Lady Bird, Moonlight, Good Time and The VVitch are just a small selection of films they’ve distributed.

For film fans and cinephiles alike, A24 has become somewhat of a sign of quality and their releases are eagerly anticipated no matter their subject matter or genre most of the time.

They released the trailer for The Green Knight earlier this year, a 2020 film directed by David Lowery (A Ghost Story), and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

When can audiences expect it?

still from ‘The Green Knight’ trailer, A24 et al., YouTube

Is The Green Knight release date confirmed?

  • No, a release date for The Green Knight is yet to be confirmed. It was originally intended to be released earlier in 2020. Let’s explain…

It was supposed to have its world premiere at South by Southwest back in March but the festival was cancelled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, it’s scheduled theatrical release on May 29th 2020 was pulled too.

Considering the pandemic is still a concern and there has been no recent news of rescheduling the release date, there is no reason to expect The Green Knight in 2020.

A release sometime in 2021 is likely as the delay suggests that they are keen to have the film screen in cinemas at a time when more people are able to go, rather than courtesy of VOD or streaming services at home.

An encouraging sign?

Bloody Disgusting notes that the film was given a rating by the MPA this week [Monday, November 2nd 2020].

It has been rated “R” for “Violence, some sexuality and graphic nudity.”

While there is still no release date, the fact that there has been a more recent update regarding its release with a rating means distribution is still looming and hopefully won’t be much longer.

The Green Knight: Who is in the cast?

Looking at the cast, on the other hand, The Green Knight looks like it’s going to be worth the wait.

As highlighted by IMDb, listed below are the cast:

  • Dev Patel as Gawain
  • Alicia Vikander as Lady / Essel
  • Joel Edgerton as Lord
  • Sarita Choudhury as Mother
  • Sean Harris as King
  • Kate Dickie as Queen
  • Barry Keoghan as Scavenger
  • Erin Kellyman as Winfred
  • Helena Browne as Blindfolded Woman
  • Ralph Ineson as Green Knight
  • Emilie Hetland as First Thief
  • Anthony Morris as Second Thief
  • Megan Tiernan as Princess / Gawain’s Queen
  • Noelle Brown as Sharecropper’s Wife

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for updates.

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