If you’ve been on Twitter today you will have seen that Sssniperwolf, also known as Alia Shelesh, has been trending on Twitter. Fans are ‘calling her out’ for transphobic comments after old videos resurfaced online.

The YouTuber has over 23 million subscribers on her channel and is loved for her life hacks and TikTok videos. Some videos are of her calling people out and it seems this time, Twitter thinks she’s taken things too far.

Here’s why Sssniper has been ‘cancelled’ on Twitter.

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Why has Sssniperwolf been ‘cancelled’?

  • Some Twitter users have ‘cancelled’ Sssniperwolf after they found old videos of her using transphobic and racist language.

Sssniperwolf has made fun of a trans woman for insisting that a Gamestop cashier call her “ma’am” instead of “sir.” Along with calling non-binary people “Attack Helicopters,” and using the N-word.

In the video, widely shared on Twitter, she calls non-binary gender identities “Attack Helicopters“, referring to a transphobic meme from a 2014 Copypasta text that was popular on Reddit.

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Sssniperwolf has also commented on footage of Zendaya at the 2019 Met Gala dressed up as the Disney princess Cinderella. She said that the actress should have gone as Princess Tiana instead of Princess Cinderella; Tiana is a princess with black skin and Cinderella is white. Sssniperwolf thought that Zendaya couldn’t “pull off Cinderella”.

In another 2019 video, titled “RUDE CUSTOMERS CAUGHT ON VIDEO Compilation,” Sssniperwolf laughs at a trans woman being misgendered. The snippet starts at around 6:10, where you see a trans woman yelling at a cashier who repeatedly calls her “Sir”.

Transphobic comments outrage fans

It seems that fans want Sssniperwolf to address the comments quickly, as many are mentioning her on Twitter questioning her actions. Other Twitter users are informing her fans on the incidents and encouraging them to ‘cancel’ her.

Alia hasn’t responded to her Twitter fans regarding the incidents however she is keeping active on Instagram and YouTube. Sssniperwolf has garnered over 1.1 million views on her most recent video ‘School TikToks That Will Make Your Day Better,”

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