In 2017 comedian Kathy Griffin became the centre of controversy when she posted a picture online of her holding a severed and bloodied Donald Trump head.

Now, three years later in the midst of the 2020 Presidential Election, Kathy has reposted the picture onto her Twitter account.

Twitter has gone crazy over the picture once again… read on to see what the internet has to say about it.

Kathy Griffin reposts Trump head picture

In 2017 Kathy Griffin posted a picture online of her holding what appeared to be the severed head of President Donald Trump.

At the time Kathy faced backlash which resulted in her being interrogated under oath, being placed on a no- fly list, and losing her job co- hosting the CNN New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper.

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Now, on November 4th 2020, Kathy reposted the picture on her Twitter account, and in less than a day it has already amassed over 60 thousand likes.

Twitter reacts to Kathy Griffin’s Donald Trump head pic

One Twitter user wrote: “You should have never deleted this or apologized for it.”


However, other Twitter users disagreed, with one writing: “This was insulting back then and it’s insulting now.”

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